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We are currently in a private beta period. During this time we are talking with potential customers, software channel partners, and consultants about how RCM Brain can be used to increase revenue and lower costs. 

+ No Software to Learn

+ No Staffing Headaches

+ No Accuracy Problems

Completely eliminate tedious workflow in your 

revenue cycle with the push of                       

No practice or billing service can afford to ignore revenue leakage from pended and denied claims. Throwing more people at the problem is not the answer. 

Your current workflow takes too much time and is full of holes.

Patient Eligibility Rejections and Denials

Key Data is Scattered Between Systems

You are getting stuck with rejected and denied claims based on having the wrong insurance information. Staff spend too much time trying to find current insurance or give up working the account. 

Gathering 835s from your clearinghouses and payer websites is a manual process, followed by a manual review of bank deposits, followed by a cumbersome posting process. 835s with $0 payments and payer recoupments require manual data entry and are prone to error. 

Does this describe your current situation?

No Verification of Payment Accuracy

Missing Payments from Pended Claims

Slow Reconciliation and Posting

Proactively checking claim status when a remittance has not arrived in a timely fashion is a difficult process to implement. Oftentimes you realize months later that the claim had been pended or never received, while your AR piled up and a write-off becomes more likely.

Blame the technology you are stuck with, not your people.

Chaotic Denial Resubmission and Appealing

You are dealing with multiple legacy billing systems, clearinghouses, and a variety of payer websites. Data and workflow are loosely connected. Staff members are frustrated working across systems. Getting accurate reporting is nearly impossible. 

Denials are coming in from multiple locations and you don't have a good way to separate the workable denials from those that are not able to be resolved. Queuing denials that can be resubmitted and those that need appeal packages is a slow manual process. Creating an appeal package is extremely time consuming, and thus rarely done. 

Managing payer contracts and fee schedules is difficult to implement and maintain. Legacy systems struggle to verify accurate payment, especially with bundled billing and risk-based reimbursements. Underpayment and invalid denials slip by for years on end. 

Meet BETH*, your most valuable employee.

*Bot Enabled Transaction Handler 

We believe in getting paid for performance. 

We guarantee increased revenue. 

Now you can increase revenue and lower costs at no risk.

How we eliminate manual tasks in your revenue cycle: 

  • Predictive denial prevention claim scrubbing
  • Monitor submitted claims for pended status
  • Identify workable denials and follow up process
  • Pull eligibility and benefits info to update claims
  • Fix claim errors and resubmit through clearinghouse
  • Generate and mail or upload claim attachments
  • Bill secondary payers with EOB information 
  • Assemble appeal packages and mail or upload online
  • Queue workflow tasks for clinical review in EHR

Our platform eliminates tedious work and finds 

high value opportunities to maximize revenue.

Built for the future from the ground up. 

This is the secure, scalable, intelligent, resilient platform you can rely on.

Work Aging AR

  • Analyze your current 30+ Day AR
  • Create predictive algorithms
  • Work pended and denied claims (optional service)
  • Workflow training
  • Productivity monitoring
  • Effectiveness monitoring


Implement Automation

Turnkey implementation that learns and grows with you.

  • Claim scrubbing automation
  • Claim status automation
  • Denial workflow automation
  • Eligibility and benefits automation
  • Claim attachments automation
  • Appeal package automation
  • Secondary billing automation
  • Posting automation


Train Staff


Managing accounts receivable is a headache. 

Let us show you how automation can help.

We believe that our results should speak for themselves. 

Not sure if this is for you? We'll prove it to you. 

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